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SUMO: savings stack up for Cross River Rail project

SUMO: savings stack up for Cross River Rail project


The Project

Cross River Rail is the Queensland Government’s highest priority infrastructure investment. The $5.4 billion Project began early works in 2017 and will bring 10.2 kilometres of new rail line running from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills, which includes a 5.9 kilometre twin tunnel under the Brisbane River and CBD. During it’s 5 year construction period, Cross River Rail will support up to 7,700 jobs in total with an average of 1,500 jobs each year and up to 3,000 jobs in the most intensive year of construction.

The Challenge

MYNT was approached to help CPB Contractors and Klenner Murphy Electrical to design and deliver a safe, reliable, and compact temporary power distribution system for Cross River Rail. Despite being a gigantic project, many of the individual site areas are compact and space is at a premium.

The obvious solution from our SUMO range was the Jumbo II Board, which is specifically designed to deliver a multi outlet, RCD protected solution in a compact, stackable package. The JUMBO II stacks 12 to a pallet, rather than the usual 2 for boards of this output. This meant an overall footprint reduction on the 100 boards so far delivered to Cross River Rail from 50 pallet spaces to just 9.

Other products in the market offer stackability, but once the necessary stand accessory is factored in, the space savings are lost. The SUMO Jumbo is integrated, with no need for a separate stand.

Also delivered and installed with the Jumbo Boards were SUMO wall mounted, switched socket outlets and earth screen protected cables. The entire system was built in the MYNT East Coast Production facility in Acacia Ridge in Brisbane’s West.

It goes without saying that we are grateful, proud, and humbled to have been selected to safely transport electricity around such a critical piece of Brisbane infrastructure. We look forward to further involvement as we expand the SUMO range and continue to innovate in line with our “Carbon Free Construction” initiative.

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