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Carbon monitoring and reporting software


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Energy Control


Modoken delivers real time and historical data about your site’s energy consumption in kilowatt hours. This data is crucial in ensuring your sites renewable energy solution is providing the most efficient and cost-effective power at the tap. Consumption data also offers the opportunity to reduce energy usage by way of behavioural and appliance improvements.


Modoken can take into account your cost of fuel, mains power, rental of assets and internal rate of return on assets to calculate live information about your sites energy costs. This can be used to benchmark products, sites and projects to create best practice energy methodology across your entire business.


One of the most important features of Modoken is its ability to provide carbon reporting at an asset, site or fleet level. This can be used to measure performance over time as well as providing accurate performance measurement against base cases for internal and external ESG and emission reporting requirements.


The control feature of the Modoken software package measures performance against KPI’s determined by you around such factors as solar production, battery cycling targets, equipment maintenance, daily diesel run hours and myriad other inputs to determine the success of your renewable energy transition plan. These KPI’s can vary depending on who is using the data and the scope of their role. Anything from high level behavioural information at site level, right through to granular asset and business performance for asset management and C-Suite personnel.