Case Study

Purple Pod:  Small footprint system yields big carbon savings.

Purple Pod:  Small footprint system yields big carbon savings.


A Queensland construction site proves that carbon free can also be cheaper than traditional diesel power.

The Project

A major Australian construction company chose a typical small site to test the financial viability and reliability of replacing their diesel generators with a renewable alternative.

The Challenge

Most of the sites are currently powered by a 13-15kva diesel generator using up to 300 litres per week of diesel and emitting up to a ton of CO2 across some 200 sites.

A Purple Pod 15 was installed to assess the true load behaviour of a site. The results showed a higher-than-expected peak load, but a significantly lower than expected overall weekly power consumption. With the addition of 7 x roof mounted Purple Solar Modules that plug directly into the Purple Pod, the site can now derive sufficient energy from the sun to power the site without the need for any diesel input, other than during inclement weather. These results have been reflected across Australia, where Purple Pods and Cubes have proven that transitioning to renewables can stack

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