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What is a

A generator is a very simple machine. A fixed speed diesel engine spins an alternator (generator) at 1500 rpm. The alternator is configured to produce the type and voltage of electricity required.

What Type of Generator Do I Need?

  • XL Range
  • XL Big Tank
  • XL WH

Generators Feature comparison








Crane Centre Lift

DSE Controller

Fork Skid Pockets

Battery Isolator

Battery Isolator

Fire Extinguisher

E Stop

247 Hour Fuel Tank

Bunded Fuel Tank

Fuel Efficient Engines

Heavy Duty Canopy

Ultra Silent Option

Used by some of this the best brands

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Free Expert Sizing and Advice on any job

MYNT Energy Tech employs independent experts to tailor generators sizing and advice with over 30 years of experience. Often time correctly sizing a generator can create massive savings for our customers with over 90% of the running cost of a generator is fuel usage. 

Working with some of the largest companies Industrial, Mining and Construction companies in Australia, Mynt energy tech has become a leading source of information and partnership in the industries. We are problem solvers who are independent from Engine and Manufactures to give customers the best value proposition.

Renewable Energy Solutions

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Future Fuels:

Net Zero Heroes

Whilst the transition to a carbon free construction economy is about more than just products, we are very proud of the blood, sweat and engineering tears that has gone into our range of Purple Products.