Aston Electric


In the tradition of Japanese-Australian collaboration in manufacturing, Aston Electric generators have been designed with harsh Australian conditions in mind. Specifically built for mobile fleet use, Aston Electric is the reliable, high ROI generator of choice for fleet owners in rental, construction, mining, and industrial applications. Fuel efficient, compact, and silent, Aston Electric offers the best cradle to grave value of any generator on the market, for serious fleet owners.


13kVA - 610kVA

XL is the workhorse of the Aston Electric Range. Bulletproof, efficient, reliable, and flexible, the robust simplicity of the XL Range makes it the generator of choice for serious fleet owners. With unrivalled fuel efficiency and proven reliability in the harshest conditions on Earth, the Aston Electric XL Range of Generators boasts the most cost-effective true cost of life outcomes of any generator on the market.


13kVA - 220kVA

With all the benefits of the super touch XL Series, the XL Big Tank range also includes a bunded long range fuel tank base. With 48 hours autonomy, the XL Big Tank Range offers long range refuelling intervals on construction, industrial, event and mining sites where uptime is paramount. By manufacturing the larger fuel storage capacity vertically, the XL Big Tank range also sacrifices none of the industry leading footprint benefits of the other Aston Electric Generator Models.


25kVA - 150kVA

Most fleet owners who experience the true sound suppression capability of the Aston Electric Whisper Series of generators for the first time are dumbfounded. With sound levels as low as 50dba, Aston Electric Whisper Series Generators deliver industry leading sound suppression for noise sensitive sites and applications. Under load, it is possible to have a normal conversation with your face against the canopy of an Aston Whisper Generator.


25kVA - 150kVA

Combining the best of the best in the Aston Range, the Whisper Big Tank Series of generators are efficient, silent, autonomous, reliable, and unbreakable. Fleet owners who carry the Aston Electric Whisper Big Tank series describe them as quite simply, the best generators in the world.