Standby, Stationary, Mobile & Heavy Duty


MYNT is the most experienced independent generator expert in Australia. With over 20 years experience in power in Australia, MYNT has been at the forefront of innovation and customer empowerment through information since 2000. The key to understanding generators is understanding that there are only three different applications that generators are used in. Standby, Stationary and Mobile. Please read below for a detailed explanation of each application, and what features you should be looking for to ensure the generator you buy delivers best value outcomes


Back up your mains power

A standby application is where mains power exists, and the generator is only operated in the event of blackout. The Fuchtardt FT Standby Range is ready for plug and play installation. The units come with an Auto Mains Failure control system, soundproof canopy and fork skid base. Fuchtardt FT Standby Generators also include a direct plug receptacle for an Automatic Transfer Switch. Out of the box, Fuchtardt machines will detect a blackout, start automatically, transfer your load over to generator power, and then put your load back on mains and stop automatically once mains power is restored.


Combining reliability and performance

A stationary application is where the generator is the main source of power, but it will spend all or most of its life in one location. Over 90% of the cost of operating a generator is fuel, so Fuchtardt FT Stationary generators are fitted with fuel efficient, reliable European and Japanese Engines and Stamford Alternators. Fuchtardt FT Stationary machines also come standard with Deep Sea brand controllers and individually earth leakage protected outlet kits, as well as emergency stop buttons and fork pocket skid bases.


For reliability on the go

As with stationary applications, a generator in a mobile application will be the main source of power, so fuel economy should be the primary decision-making criteria when selecting a generator. Mobile application generators are also moved from site to site using cranes, forklfts and trucks, and as such must be built with a very robust frame and canopy to ensure durability. Fuchtardt's FMP Mobile series of generators come standard with a host of rental, construction and mining ready features, including bunded fork pocket skid base fuel tank, lockable battery isolators, centre lifts points, emergency stop, earth leakage protected outlet kits, fire extinguishers, and three way fuel valves for connection to external bulk fuel cells.